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5 Rustic Dining Rooms Design

5 Rustic Dining Rooms Design

Weathered wood, antique furniture and stone walls are just a few reasons why we are obsessed with rustic decor. Even better: When this detail is incorporated into the dining experience, the result is a friendly atmosphere that will make guests comfortable – so they can better enjoy the food!

1. Leather Accents

The formal dining room in Lake Tahoe’s home has a special board table (suitable for 14 guests!) And hidden leather-covered chairs, which according to designer Matt O’Dorisio “feels perfect in the mountains

2. Original Rustic Floors

The pine floor in this Vermont farmhouse is native to the house, and only sanded. “I don’t even think we should tarnish them,” said designer Ramsay Gourd. “They have natural wealth that comes only with time.” The exposed beam pulls the eye up and makes the room feel bigger.

3. Open Concept

The dining room in the large room is complicated because it is very open,” said designer Summer Thornton from a Florida vacation home. The solution: He used the Veneto Henredon dining table as an anchor.

4. Pine Table

Will Wick designed this northern California mountain vacation and we think the combination of the starburst branch chandelier and the pine table just screams “vacation home”

5. Custom Table

Designer Marshall Watson wants a wooden dining room table made specifically to be a focal point in this Swedish house, which explains why the entire room displays soft soft colors.